Fiddlesticks rework reddit

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Fiddlesticks rework reddit

Fiddlesticks is a ghastly, living scarecrow who stalks the darkness, wielding a cruel scythe and preying upon the unwary. Once a lonely man accused of bringing famine to his village, he was tied up and left to starve in his own barren field.

Resurrected by the savage murder of crows that fed on his remains, Fiddlesticks now relishes terrorizing his victims before claiming their lives amid a flurry of feathers and blood-splattered beaks. Fiddlesticks is designed to be a straw scarecrow, capable of scaring opponents with unexpected ultimate from Crowstorm and causing enemies to flee in disarray.

Therefore, the game error of Fiddlesticks also made people equally surprised by its absurdity. Specifically, a player discovered that Fiddlesticks when being defeated while casting the last move still kill the enemy, you can even hear the sound effects of Crowstorm in the clip.

However, in the video above, we see Fiddlesticks even has Doublekill after death, if you pay close attention, the sound effects typical of Crowstorm can still be heard. Which meant that this scarecrow had an error that still unleashed his ultimate after death, an extremely high degree of vengeance.

This is definitely a game error, but we feel that something is strange. If indeed this is a new feature given to Riddlesticks by Riot Games, this scarecrow after remake will be extremely crazy here, can approach the opponent even when dead, the enemy does not see the effect of that skill. A feature too powerful in League of Legends. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website.

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January 1, Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. Related Posts. April 17, Tags: Fiddlesticks Fiddlesticks has the ability to avenge fiddlesticks rework Patch 9. Discussion about this post. April 15, Riot is forcing me to change my name due to Coronavirus April 15, Load More.Answers go live every other Thursday at pm PT.

We started early discovery on both champions around the same time. Crowstorm is such an iconic spell that we wanted to have the rest of the kit support what that ability tells Fiddle to do. For gameplay, this means giving Fiddle players tools to keep hidden and to find or create ways to ambush and trick their enemies. Ionian spirit?

fiddlesticks rework reddit

Cursed object? Angry Freljordian ghost? When we look at truly ancient champions like Ornn or Tahm Kenchthey have hundreds or even thousands of origin stories and tales surrounding them, with dozens of names depending on the individuals or cultures that came into contact with them over the centuries.

Harvest deity? Eldritch artifact, controlled by some other person or creature? As an utterly inhuman entity regardless of what its true origins areFiddle lacks internal organs, a brain to think, or vocal chords to form sentences. Turns out that having a cacophony of random people saying things at you is extremely off putting in a gameplay environment for the player as well as their opponents.

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But on its face the concept was pretty well received, so there might be a way to execute on it more effectively… with one or two little tweaks I want to try, for when Fiddlesticks finally drops the mask, and the odd, thin man standing at the edge of the field turns out not to be a man at all. Honk honk.

'League of Legends' Fiddlesticks Rework: Horrific VGU Coming to PBE

After trying several iterations which attempted to capture that feeling, the team encouraged me to push the envelope and really go for it. Instead, he converts effects like roots and stuns into self-slows, which scale based on the strength of the crowd control that hit him. I wanted it to give him a primal, ancient look. For the top spread, my aim was to explore a few different personalities for Volibear to try to find the right tone. In A, I was going for a more veteran, grizzled, powerful elder bear, with hundreds thousands?

For B, I wanted to get super primal and feral without getting demonic, bringing back the weapons on his back and showing him in a roaring pose. I was thinking those blue shapes coming out of his head would be lightning strikes frozen into true ice to connect back to some iconic Freljordian characteristics. The fur on his back is burned Freljordian striped patterning where the lightning has seared across his back. I was referencing images of ancient Chinese deities with the floating scarves around their heads and shoulders, and thought it would be cool if instead of a scarf it was thundering storm clouds!

Fiddlesticks Rework Release Date, Gameplay, and Event Details

I added in some braiding in the beard and hair to add a bit more humanity and emotion to the more bear-like qualities of this iteration.

I think Volibear players will be excited to see where we are heading! His current voice has a calm resonance that gives him a certain honorable dignity.Last year, Riot Games shortlisted five champions for players to vote on which champion they would like to be changed and receive a rework. Completely transforming the character as we know them and giving them some refreshed new visuals, features and skills. (REWORK)

Surprisingly, Fiddlesticks did not actually top the votes. Volibear narrowly topped the results altogether followed by Fiddlesticks.

However, the results of the poll from China had Shyvana top list with Volibear taking second with the scarecrow taking third place. Tallying all the votes together for a grand total, Shyvana finished third way behind Fiddlesticks and Volibear so Riot opted to remodel both the two front runners. However, if Riot Games decide to revamp another champion down the line, Shyvana will one of the leading champions to receive the changes.

After several months in the works, a small sneak peek of the scarecrow upcoming rework surfaces online where you catch a glimpse the Ancient Fear lurking in the shadows. Revealing all the latest changes to Fiddlestick visuals, skins, animations and more importantly his skill set.

In the Fiddlesticks Gameplay Preview above, it shows us the newly revamped scarecrow displaying all of his new changes to his skillset.

fiddlesticks rework reddit

Some skills have been kept the same whilst others have seen a complete overhaul. The exact details of each skill are not fully clarified yet but we can at least see what they look like and see some of the effects they inflict.

From what we can see, Fiddlesticks passive allows him to place several scarecrows to act as decoys and confuse his enemies.

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The exact number is unknown until full details emerge. Terrify is like Fiddlesticks previous skill where he can inflict fear which terrifies his targets, forcing targets to move away slowly.

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In this rework, the Terrify skill receive new visuals where a crow flies towards the enemy. Fiddlesticks W skill receives a new name, Bountiful Harvest. Acts just like the old skill Drain; Sapping the life force of his victims except he can now do this to multiple targets. Reap is Fiddlesticks second brand-new skill that replaces Dark Wind. Fiddlesticks the Ancient Fear brandishes his Cruel Scythe causing damage and inflicts a debuff to his enemies.

From the footage, the enemy is slowed when they are hit with the Reap skill but if they are channelling a skill, it interrupts them and silences them. This indicates the Reap skill will have different forms of Crowd Control effects.Answers go live every other Thursday at pm PT.

After millions of votes from players around the world, the winner is…. In some regions, the vote difference was less than As we begin working on updates for both Volibear and Fiddlesticks, we want to be as transparent as possible so you can follow them on their journeys.

fiddlesticks rework reddit

They work together to explore different directions to see what feels right for the champion. This lets us narrow things down to the best possible core direction.

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My goal is to preserve the spirit of current Volibear, allowing him to do cool bear things like chase down and maul his enemies.

Insert bear pun here. Time to get to work and bring the thunder! The Freljord calls! In the Freljord, wild nature can be just as dangerous as magic, and Volibear embodies both elements to a frightening degree.

Am I afraid? What is the facsimile of a person, and why does it move around?


What compels it to kill? There are of course sillier elements of Fiddle, and I have the strangest feeling these will be embraced and celebrated using his skins. A surprise-party-birthday-clown feeling. Thanks again to everyone who voted.

Let us know what you think about the champions and their early explorations in the comments! Thank you for submitting a question! Reav3 Lead Producer of Champions. Reav3 works on League Champions creating awesome new experiences for players and also re-imagining older ones.Fiddlesticks Developer Interview: "The world has not seen one its kind in tens of thousands of years and there's more of them out there.

Fiddlesticks' rework is finally coming to League of Legends. The scarecrow that's been haunting matches since the game's launch over a decade ago has aged fairly poorly. While other champions have received updates to their models and abilities to bring them into the modern Summoner's Rift, Fiddlesticks has remained the same. He's still tied together with a few sticks and won't stop making Wizard of Oz jokes. He's been in dire need for a rework and visual update, and now he's finally getting one.

Right now on the PBE, there are files for the Fiddlestick rework featuring its brand-new model. The code makes references to some sort of "event" that will trigger before the champion's release.

Other champions have been teased this way, like Kindred marking champions or Sett granting players special cards for getting lots of kills.

Fiddlesticks’ rework will give you nightmares

Data miners and League YouTubers are frantically trying to figure out how to turn on the event so fans can see what's coming next. The new Fiddlesticks is a monster that runs on all fours and looks patched together.

He's no longer a cutesy deity that happens to fear whoever walks in his path, because he's now a beast of pure unimaginable torture. According to a blog post released in January, developers wanted to keep the charm of an "eldritch puppet" while actually making the monster scary.

His crowstorm ultimate remains intact, but the rest of his kit will receive some form of an overhaul. The Fiddlesticks rework still does not have a release date, but it looks to be coming sooner rather than later. According to Ryan "Reav3" Mireles, Riot Games' lead champions producer on reddit, the Fiddlesticks VGU is "just around the corner" and fans "won't be kept in the dark much longer. As the days get longer, we will likely see more information about this Fiddlesticks interpretation.

Fans have been waiting patiently to see what Riot Games has been cooking up for one of the MOBA's original champions, and the time for official reveals has almost come. Weekly magazine, delivered Daily Newsletter Website access.The quirky, bounce in his step Fiddlesticks is dead. Its longer arm drags and scrapes the terrain behind it as Fiddlesticks limps across the Rift during the walking animation. A close up on the rigging of the head shows an unnatural movement that makes the jaw swivel as if it were broken.

Its voice is described as a crude mimicry of those unfortunate enough to cross paths with Fiddlesticks. In the dev blog, Riot pointed out that Fiddlesticks has no brain. Instead, it contains a demon living inside its chest. Its head loses all sense of control and flaps around with a black tongue shooting from its mouth.

As Fiddlesticks charges the Crowstorm, a rush of shadowy tentacles propels it forward into a flurry of black mist and wings. Through the remainder of the ultimate, Fiddlesticks defers to walking on six limbs. A thread on Reddit regarding the update is flooded with comments emphasizing the fright Fiddlesticks invokes. Despite this, fans are enamored with the level of execution and detail the VGU has shown.

The Fiddlesticks update is a work in progress and a final release date has yet to be announced. Skip to content. Image via Riot Games. Older Posts.The fans of League of Legends will be extremely happy to know that the Fiddlesticks rework will soon be available, and according to the early responses, the character will get a horrific revamp which will surely impress the community. The updated champion will have a complete makeover, and it will appear more terrifying than ever.

The new Fiddlesticks will run on all of its four legs, and it will be a new monster meant only for torture. It is reported that the developers are weaving a new scary backstory for the champion which will define its current persona, and it will surely amaze all the fans of the game. Fiddlesticks will have two new shadowy arms which will sprout as it approaches its prey to corner it perfectly.

The latest rework of Fiddlesticks is expected to be released in May to June Sign in. Log into your account. Password recovery.

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